Welcome to “The Famous Page” !

I’m glad to see you here, but… Wait a minute… What’s this page exactly ?!?

This page is UNIQUE

This page is the only « important » page of this site, because all this website exists only for the page you are currently reading… quite impressive, huh ?!? :D

This page is an EXPERIMENT

I’m always surprised by the power and the creativity of internet… What people can achieve and share together if they decide to follow the same goal

With internet, everything is possible, and a small idea can become huge in a very short time. Wikipedia, Open Source projects or more recently social networks are good examples of this.

With this page, I propose you to join this experiment and live a collective adventure !

This page can break RECORDS… and become FAMOUS!

Here we are !

The goal of this page is to be visited, shared, linked, sent- or whatever you want - by the maximum number of people, all over the world, as many times as possible… AND THAT’S ALL !

With your help, and the one of millions of people like you, this little page lost somewhere in the web can become the most “liked” page on Facebook, the most “tweeted” page, the most visited page, or lots of other things… You got it ?!?

Let’s see if we can break the records and demonstrate the power of the « social web » !

This page is USEFULL ! … or USELESS ?

So, here is the “concept” of this experiment… perhaps you think it’s completely useless… perhaps not.

After all… “usefull” or “useless” : who cares ? It’s just for fun !

This page, it’s YOU !

… and EVERYONE : your friends, your family, your neighbours, people at the other side of the world. Women and men just like you. All together to reach the same goal, and (perhaps) write a little piece of the internet history.

Everything is possible… Or not ! It’s up to you.

So now, the question is :

« Are you ready to join this adventure ? »

Participate to The Famous Page project

How to participate ?

YEEAAAAH !! I'm happy to see you here : Welcome to « The Famous Page » project !

Here is how you can participate to the project (click on links below to know more) :


The first thing to do is to make this page known by the maximum number of people, so they can join the project and participate…

So let’s share this page with all the people around you, by any means !

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And don't forget also the « Old School » methods : call your friends or send them a SMS, write a letter, send a telegram, throw a bottle to the sea, hire a carrier pigeon... or whatever you want ! ;-)


Then you can follow the project to have news about it, including records and monthly stats of visits and shares evolution.

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Alternatively, let’s try to break some records !


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You can also make your own video to promote « The Famous Page » and broadcast it on videos sharing websites !

There are only a few "rules" to respect : display the http://thefamouspage.com address in your video, be positive, be CREATIVE !

And don't forget also to share your work on the blog's Contributions page.


Note :
As you may noticed, this video is a poor promotion video... I'm not a video maker ! But you can put your video here to replace it !

If you allow me to upload your video file on the official The Famous Page YouTube’s channel and if your video becomes the most viewed video on this YouTube’s channel, it will become the official The Famous Page video, and it will be displayed here on « The Famous Page » !!


Of course, in order to remember « The Famous Page » and come back soon to visit it, you can add it to your browser's favorites.

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Additionally to the site promotion, as an adventurer getting involved in « The Famous Page » project, you can post a comment « for posterity » with a personnal message on the blog's Comments page.

Your message will be on the site "forever", so you can leave a message for the next generations of internet users !

Please note that you need to be registered as a blog's user to be able to post comments.


As you may have notices, english is not my mother tongue... So sorry if everything on this page is not written in a perfectly correct english !!

Althought I'm not a big fan of automatic translations, if you really don't understand a word of what I'm saying, you can try to translate this page using the Google Translator tool below...


Perhaps one day I will propose you a way to help me to translate this page in the most used languages...


I'm sure there are many other ways to contribute to « The Famous Page » project...

Think about what you can do to promote this page and make it known by many other people, so they can also join the adventure !

Depending on your job or hobbies, perhaps you can :

  • make a cool video or image,
  • write an article in your newpaper,
  • talk about it on the TV or radio,
  • add « The Famous Page » as a sponsor for the events you organize,
  • write a song to its honour,
  • plant a flag on the moon with « The Famous Page » logo on it,
  • ... ?!?

I'm sur you can make some CRAZY THINGS !!!

There are only a few "rules" to respect : talk about the « The Famous Page », be positive, be CREATIVE !

Don't forget to share your contributions on the blog on the Contributions page.