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Leave your message on this page for posterity !

This message will be there while this site exists (I hope for a VERY long time) !

You can for example tell who you are, write a hope message to the world, or explain what you would like internet to be in the future... That's YOUR message, you can tell whatever you want to leave.

WARNING : You will be able to post only one comment on this page... so think twice before posting it !

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  1. Generation Alpha

    Subscribe to me on peertube!
       Also, I hope to start a YouTube channel, so watch this space!

    i will ask Elon musk to put that flag on the moon, btw. 

  2. thefamoususer FRANCE

    This is the very first comment on “The Famous Page” project… and I’m proud to say that “The Famous Page” website is officially launched !

    I hope this experiment will work and that with your help, it will go very far on sharing and broadcasting this little webpage ! :)

    For the future, I hope that internet will still be a cool place for people to meet, share, create, and so much more… I hope it will always be a place of freedom, an uncensored place… that’s not always the case nowadays…

    To finish, I dedicate “The Famous Page” to my daughter, born a few days ago… I can’t explain why, but I felt the need to make this website as a “challenge” become you born, like a conclusion of my life “before you”…
    Now you are here, you already changed my whole life, in the most beautiful manner… Everything else is not important anymore, so I will let “The Famous Page” live its own life with many other people, like I will now live my father’s life with you… I LOVE YOU ! :)